Wednesday, April 29, 2009

God Is Evil

Take all your dreams and aspirations and goals. Unless God gives them to you right away, then he is evil for denying them to you. Unless you are as happy as you could possibly be, then something is being held back. Don’t “have faith” that God is doing the right thing if you want something and it is being denied. The only conclusion to come to there is that god is evil. Everything should be yours. Unless that is true, evil exists in the world. There isn’t more modesty in a humble life, if you want something, that desire is REAL. Life sucks because no one will ever get everything they want, and they have a right to get it. There is no reason to deny a person happiness other than to be evil and cruel, and God must be playing the world like his own cosmic joke, all the enjoyment going to him not me. Life not only sucks, it is terrible and sick.

Being “content” all the time isn’t enough. Life should be thrilling and adventurous. How exactly is that going to happen when literally nothing in life is thrilling or adventurous? How many things can you list that make you “glow”. How many things in life really give you a thrill. I can bet that very very few things do. The only way to be “thrilled” all the time would be if you were under constant pressure to live like humans existed before civilization. Civilization just slowed everything down, took human’s out of their natural state, and “domesticated” them. Domesticated animals are tame, not fierce. Without that ferocity there is nothing fun to live for, you’re basically just walking around bored. The sad realization is that the only way to really have fun in life is if you are forced to have fun by being under threat. That wakes up your mind like it is supposed to be woken up. Otherwise you’re not “awake”, you’re not “alive” and you’re not living. No one in modern society today is alive. They’re all dead walking. They’re limited by their tame and sophisticated environment, appeased by gadgets and their domination of the natural world. That appeasement leads to complacency, it’s a fact that whenever you get happy you are more relaxed, or even emotional in any way you let your guard down. In prehistoric times there wasn’t time to be “emotional”. If you weren’t emotional all the time like we are today, you’d more awake and aware, more interested in things naturally cause you wouldn’t be content to stay in your own mind. Unless you are under constant threat, your life just isn’t worth living. The only way to be happy is to go back to before humans became domesticated animals. It’s hard to accept that because your mind is trained into being “content” and its hard to reintroduce domesticated animals into the wild. Imagine being slowly reintroduced into the wild and it is easier to understand then why that would be better.
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