Monday, August 15, 2011

Doodh Jalebi

It’s sad that I only write in the midst of extreme emotions. As I lay here wondering about the pain I’ve felt and pain yet to come, makes me realize all that I have so much to do and so very little time. I was, like most people wasting my time on facebook (on 14th August) and saw a lot of privileged people showing tones of emotion about Independence Day. Most of the youth that had their own mode of transport were present at a record breaking event of most people singing the national anthem at one time in Defense, not Lyari not at Katti Pahari. The lives lost (Jafferabad hotel 14 dead) in the violence in the country on the day took a back seat being just a new ticker on a few channels (like filler). The youth so excited about our independence were more worried about “do I have a green shirt/kurta to wear. “

The political situation is probably going to inspire Ekta Kapoor for another of her 1000 episode master pieces. We cry for democracy but we let people like Altaf Hussain dictate our daily lives. Is democracy really the best revenge? It’s because of Democracy that Benazir’s, Shahbaz Bhatti and Asia bibi’s killers are enjoying the fruits of National Treasury, when an MQM member dies in London we in Pakistan Morn with a dry day (that obviously doesn’t hurt the economy). It’s definitely wrong what Musharaf, Ayub, Yahya and Iskandar Mirza did, but no problems with handing over the city to the Army just because some drunk in London says so. Our youth is going to change the future? Really, in midst of the London events all the youth could do is come up with insensitive jokes? And attending Dharna is the cool thing to do these days right? Zardari failed, Sharif looks weird with the Hair Transplant, Benazir dead, Jamat-e-Islami would make me keep a beard, let’s just support the charitable cricketer who was a playboy in the Past.

Then the newest fad in the past 24 hours is sharing the Amir Liaqat video. Someone in Denmark Draws a cartoon, we’ll burn our own stores, get on the roads, boycott foreign goods as if not selling to Pakistan will dent any country’s GDP, Amir Liaqat gets his PhD in 20 days, becomes Minister of Religious Affairs and Respected TV host is still airing video’s (rebuttal accusing GEO) , while some crazy priest decides to burn a book and a village in Gojra is wiped out. Anybody can claim to be a doctor (my hirelabs friends would agree) today, or even a golfer for that matter.

It’s easy to update your status on facebook, start using twitter and beg someone for a Google+ invite. Doing the real thing is a wee bit difficult. Your thinking who is he to judge us? He’s just a blogger and pessimist. I would in reply, grace you with a few words used by Amir Liaqat and say, work towards removing the Blasphemy Law, which has led to a disrespectful demise of many of my people. REMOVE IT so that I can live with the peace of mind that I won’t be abused by its misuse. Blame it on America and the Jews, but stay alive on their Aid, the youth asks America to send troops to London (new copy paste status fad) Why? ‘Cause UK takes that much Aid don’t they? Maybe the outburst against London was due to pathetic results in your O and A ‘levels, sadly that’s not on their agenda to fail you, should have studied harder. A whore is paid to fulfill ones fantasy, America pays, to make you understand reality.
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