Monday, September 12, 2011


The issue with skeptics and atheists are that they’re always looking for proof, but when they get it, well that’s a dead end to the story. While these two battle it out an opportunist begs his way through life in the most subtle justifiable way. The major part of most people’s lives are that they fear to stand up for what they want, leaving them in a state of justifying everything resulting in a spiral like conflict. Most people think they’re intellectuals, but just because you have a reason really doesn’t justify your incompetencies.

Then there is a kind who is actually a victim and the other who pretend to be victims, sadly both parties suck. The former is always whining about every possible thing, and the latter is clinging on to the past. How can somebody love flowers (dead) picked up from a minority’s grave? Well the best part about life is we don’t have to understand everything; something’s are better left unsaid.

Everyone makes mistakes, no one really forgets them. It ok to pretend everything is ok, but to display your actual emotions shows that u were not bought up right (without a governess that is). As humans its natural to think about ourselves all the time, but when ungratefulness creeps in, it’s time to get our foreheads stained asking pardon. Certain principles I grew up with, I was taught never to ask anything from anybody except my parents, these principles culminated into every aspect of my life. (This includes both booze and books or registration for that matter)

As life goes on learn to humble yourself, don’t just wait for the weekend so that u can intoxicate yourself. You send the scared of texts on sms but you decide to dedicate times in fire arms, budding (read failed) film makers and photographers are not the destination nor are Drug addicts with Hondas. Life goes on... with or without…
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