Saturday, September 17, 2011


Life is funny, I met this really old friend the other day and he was going on all about how he hates his birthday and is looking forward to resting and you know just keeping it low key for a while; he was eating his heart out thinking may be it was the last time. Bastard, little did he know he was planning so much into the future that the future came right to him. He was planning how he would be spending the 3rd of October but as life sometimes brings about the birthday cake two weeks in advance. His 17th September became 3rd of October.

This idiot is always planning every small detail in his life setting himself up for a Mcflurry of disappointments; his hopes are pinned on people who don’t understand him, which again get him one step closer to his grave. These people never change educations, ethics and morality brew up issues which have no solution. So this person’s life ends up being a spiral of never ending issues of various magnitudes leading to annihilations. So now he lays in a bed, unable to even breathe on his own, yet the ego and attitude is at its peak.

I feel for the POOR guy, being physically traumatized is one thing but dying every day over and over again is something no one should be succumbed to. My advice to the idiot, well I don’t have an advice, chances of him listening aren’t that great to so why bother; that’s the attitude of everyone towards him. Just wish him a painless journey to the grave or poverty (unhappiness) either way he’s screwed.
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