Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lessons / Public Service Announcement

Buddha said, "It doesn't matter how long you forget, only how soon you remember!"

Well another year full of regrets should be ending now, or so you would think. I should be making resolutions to keep myself away from all the drama and nuisances which send me into a psychological whirlwind, but I won’t. I’ve come to accept all of my flaws as an integral part of me. I’d like to call it “The Persuasion of Roydon D’mello”, if you have had the opportunity to experience this order of life consider yourself truly blessed.

Well the world has, people like them and people like I. I make one mistake and I think I have to pay for it for the rest of my life and other kind just need to have one convincing conversation for everyone to get on their side. Love, money, lust is what makes the world go round I tell you. I’m proud of each and every mistake I made, why ?!! Well at least I made them in sound mind (in essence) and take full responsibility and not just blame it on booze or any other recreational drugs to speak of. I was young once, I thought smoking helped release your tension, and we all know how stupid that is. If a Rs. 100 pack of cigarette could solve problems Mother Theresa would just hand out packs instead of doing all that she did.

These people should join politics, I mean not because they are going to do wonders for this country (that ship has sailed a while ago) but because they fit the profile. Firstly, no matter what they do how they act they still are popular, with loyal subjects advocating their innocence with great zeal, does not matter how much they drink, or how many people they want to beat up and lastly they least important they education level. The general rule is that one bad apple spoils the lot, in our society the lot was born spoilt; the good apples well need to be saved. How that’s going to be done, I have no idea. Its starts with one cigarette and one drink and goes on to spoil families. I may come across as a man with a lot of hatred, but I seriously love mankind, actually more womankind but that’s an issue I’ll discuss some other time. My advice for the people who indulge in such activities and for the people who support them RECYCLE!!!!! I’m not your MOM so do whatever you want but keep the city CLEAN. :) :) :) :)
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