Saturday, April 25, 2009

We Humans are good at forgiving our enemies, WHY?!! It releases us from the obligation of liking our friends.

Who really draws the lines between friends and best friends? Who but other than your own self should be able to decide who you talk to. Being social animals we crave the association of a group which constantly disowns us. Yes everybody makes mistakes but only one is punished. I will dedicate this post to my friends, past and present, best friend or not who am I to make distinctions. But I will talk about the different types, hopefully it will make sense in the end and the message will get across.
I’m going to try list down the names of some people that have left a lasting impression chronologically, Rabab, Mewish, Sughra, Mouzi, Tabinda, Safu, Anam, Marilyn, Sydel, Rabia, Rabeya and Mk. You guys must be thinking wow all girls, but I’m just trying to save myself from recent and similar Taliban attacks like the one at Iqra University. The Guys would include Rehman, Ali, Simien (one of my current and long lasting besties), Umair, Arsalan, Mutty, Carl and Shaun. This was my tribute to friends (and foes that have left wounds on my back that are still fresh)
The first kind are basically the majority of friends that I’ve had (remember exceptions don’t change the rule- Shaida). Friends that have been by my side despite of all the stupidity and mistakes I’ve make. Somehow they still forgive me and tolerate all my shit. I’ve usually been blessed with these great people in my life. They have not only been there in times of trouble, but more importantly told me when to shut up and have been great advisers (Rabab and Rabia). Everybody has these kinds of friends at some point in their lives.
The second kind, yes the kind that you think are your friends. The kind that always has a smile on their face but always have something to tell their mom’s about you. For example, you never said no to them, picked them up for outings, listen to their tantrums and what not, but when it comes to make a slight change in plan because of your unavailability “DITCH”. The other kind in the same category, are people who use their group members as pure instruments, well when it’s time to have fun these blokes (the neglected) are out of the picture “we didn’t invite you, cause we knew you wouldn’t come”, what a load of crap. Come exam time, we need to study; these guys put their lives on hold and rush to every ones aid (and still get shit at times), who will get printouts for us, yep it’s these guys. Yes their go on with the charade to, and I quote “to keep the peace of the group” which I on many occasions have disrupted.
The third kind is the clingy kind, who wants you, who adore you, but you run in the opposite direction from them, but it’s a bitter sweet situation you tend to manage somehow. The fourth kind of friend is the most dangerous, the Girl-Friend (sending shivers down my spine) this term is often used loosely, and there is some debate over what exactly constitutes a girlfriend. It is generally agreed that girlfriend status begins when two people agree to date. Getting a girl to agree to such an arrangement is considered a milestone for young males, and is also sometimes seen as a sign of status, based on the perceived quality of the girl. Hahahaha, anyway I believe a girl friend was created to prevent you being friends with other girls simple as that.
In conclusion, I may have made many mistakes, yet I still I have my friends by my side. Others, who claim they’ve always had friends, should reconsider their position in their friendship. A smart friend is a sharp friend. Knows what to do, when, how and where. Knows all the nooks and crevices and plays the game well. A smart friend is an open individual to knowledge. But many a time, the smart friend falls for WRONG knowledge. Once a smart friend GAINS awareness of his/her intellectual capabilities (mostly from laudations) arrogance and conceit sets in. The smart friends would easily CONFUSE arrogance for high self-esteem. Automatically earning him/her the title of a FOOL. A fool? He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not. Emulate a smart friend's SMARTNESS and anything WORTH emulating. Get one if you don't have. And when you do, value him/her/them. Never let him/her/them go. It is your smart friend that will show you some sly ways, you NEVER would have known existed. Don't take a smart friend's LOYALTY for FOOLISHNESS.
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