Thursday, April 23, 2009

"We can survive this. We're Addison and Derek!" ~ Addison

Well its ended now, can't say I didn't try, but is that a good enough reason to help me move on?? Well knowing me I can live in my world of fantasy and probably screw up my future. So me and my girl friend broke up today, doesn't seem like something new, happened many times in the past, but damn!!! It hurts the same.

You must be thinking what a loser... so he can't get over her, another sad Romeo. Well the truth is that I haven't been single in almost a decade now. so ya it feels weird what do u know... my aim is to help u learn something

as tedious as this is I will go on in trying to analyze what went wrong.
Firstly, I screwed up: so well I shouldn't be complaining right??!!! but being in a relationship is nothing less like being in a battle, where I’ve been, as soon as u start dating a girl, u are given the titles of being the son-in-law, and brother-in-law, the notion of getting married and having kids is injected like the virus that was injected into NEO'S (MATRIX) naval.

Secondly, people of other religion are not considered as human beings I mean, concepts of patriotism, living together in harmony are illusive. You and me have to stick close together, and migrate before Taliban get us. I'm sorry for not being politically correct; my heart is in the right place. Its just that the amount of educated bigots I run into its not even funny. And God forgive me for making friends with girls wearing a scarf, damn man those are the best people I’ve met in all my time in Pakistan. Makes me miss Dubai.

Thirdly, well a grey area, ok maybe not, most of the youth in our community are blessed with the trendy and life taking two wheeler mode of transport. Somehow if you don't have it you ain't up to the mark. I mean common seriously its like watching a freaking Indian movie live.

our so called enlightened and modern people forget that it really doesn't matter how short your skirt is, our what kind of booze you consume, come dawn your back to square one, you will have to go to work, school and college, you have to interact with people from every walk in life.
What do we do then ??!!! WE PRETEND !!!

not an ounce of ambition, happy with their 3.4 gpa's but if life depended on GPA, people like Hitler and Zardari wouldn't really be ruling nations and being responsible for holocausts. great thinkers and leaders would probably have done better in life (materialistically speaking)

well I’ve gone over these stories with friends so many times that I’m bored writing about it. if you think you have it bad in a relationship, do take some time to buy me dinner and we'll talk about it. (not everybody is welcomed though)

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