Sunday, May 3, 2009

To Pray or not to Pray

Of all the days that are in the week, I dearly love but one day, and that's the day that comes betwixt A Saturday and Monday.

Praying to many is a very scared means of communication with the Almighty. How we, use this time thus becomes highly important. I wouldn’t really call myself a pious person, but everything has its place and time and so does God. How much can you really wander in an hour?

Sitting in the last bench at the presbytery house mass, you notice quite a lot going on and it’s disturbing. Firstly a family of a mother and two daughters walk in; the mother and one daughter proceed inside while the other grabs a seat outside placing her handbag on the adjacent seat as a reservation. Prayer proceedings start the church fills up, and old man with a walker asks the girl, “Is this seat taken” the girl feeling guilty hesitantly picked up the purse and let the man sit, behind enters the boyfriend, who isn’t going to get to sit with his girlfriend, tonight there is going to be trouble in paradise.

Then a cute thug couple walk in with their puppy, I mean it just got me thinking did they walk out of their house to come to pray or walk their dog, I mean common seriously, the guy first will thoroughly and quite viciously wipe both so that the little clothes they have on don’t get stained . All guys talking to their girls, guys talking to guys about the girls they want. The prayer proceedings’ enters its last phase (approximately 12 more minutes to go).

Now walking in the most distracted and childish trio I’ve ever come across let’s call them Guitar chords Gaug, Em and Cmaj. They walk in, and find a quite place in a corner, where they can resume some ludicrous conversation about the most absurd and insignificant topic in the world. At the end of the prayers everyone is going to see them, assuming they were here from the beginning. No one will ever know how their time was spent in their car, listening to music (presumably good music) and smoking. These are the people that will take forward the generation and impart their knowledge (which may exists) and values to kill for. These people are aptly given the title “cream of the community”. I fail to understand which coffee their going to lighten up, but hey, as long as you drove up in your fancy car or bike, and you’re dressed up as if it’s your own parents wedding, you will be accepted. When praying is just a ritual to fulfill your bare minimum duties, it’s the beginning of your end.

Our love for another person makes us blind to our own selfish desires and egotistical tendencies. The spiritual path is no different. It is the love of our master or guide that allows us to embark on the path of selfless service. If this love is taken away, we will be faced with our own ego's false piety and pride in the service we may do for others.
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