Sunday, September 25, 2011


One really needs to learn to thank God, when you wake up with after the two toughest days of your life, with a below par cup of coffee. As I wake up to the scotching heat of a Karachi Sunday, cursing KESC for ruining yet another peaceful sleep I wonder where I am in life. There is so much we do in life to change its course, to better the future but after all that effort your back to square one reeling to salvage whatever you have left. I’ve always been an advocate of the fact that people will never change. Attitudes, choices, lifestyle all change but a person’s innate tendencies’ never change.

Map out the lives of anyone from the past, from prophets to world leaders and common men, they always been the same no matter what, if you disagree your probably living in an oblivious state, which makes you very lucky. People will always make claims to be there, they will definitely pretend but when you need them the most, they’re probably be on vacation or their cell shut off, praising the God of many hands and heads (heart). The best parts about lies are that over a period of time you just get use to them.

Then is the kind that probes, into everything you do, every detail needs to be logged in like a prison in solitary confinement or a lab rat, but I guess the reason I am in this immaculate state is because I do as I wish. Whether right or wrong I stand by my decision. I’m not like you; my life isn’t governed by dictators, by norms of the society, of people I don’t respect. The law and justice are two different things, just like using a condom is religiously wrong, you’ll hope God understands.
Just because being socially acceptable is what you live for, you’re like a goat at a petting zoo you go where you’re told; you do what you’re told. You live life like a fairytale, something we reserve for the books. Take the bus one day from home to school, spend a day without you air conditioner. Sadly money is all you have to show.

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