Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life as we know it

In life we always want to work less and get more, but that’s not how things work. All we ever do is to gain happiness. Some of us will strive to achieve what we’ve dreamt for, while others will avoid responsibilities just for short term satisfaction (distraction). I’m told quite often that I’m a very difficult person to live with, but it’s funny how easy it is for them to say so, everyone wants to be a victim, blame life’s curve ball on well the sorry state of things. Life’s most dangerous things come at stage 4, nothing in this world can prepare you to deal with it, you learn.

Often the few that I thought could be the support structure I could depend on turned out to be the cause of most of the discomfort, they tell me to involve the hand that rocked my cradle in all that I experience. I live to make that person happy, my God who made me from scratch I’m suppose to tell them I’m flawed. How would you like it if you 5th grade teacher told you the science project you worked your heart out on was crap… if your chick told you, you weren’t that great in bed.
You’re expected not to give up, be that guy on YouTube without the arms and legs to give a pep talk to everyone; it doesn’t really work that way. Life isn’t a Santa’s wish list.

There is so much doubt and uncertainty about the future, being detached is the only way you can avoid screwing up. You don’t get many second chances, most of you have already had your chance and now you’re just fishing. Well the perfect match is someone who can take my shit, but the shit taker needs to say “Yes” too right?
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