Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Devastatingly Beautiful

It’s hard to imagine things had to turn out this way, you go through life investing in things and people that are eventually going to let you down you make sacrifices just to realize that the feelings you need cannot be reciprocated. It’s obvious that the problem is with me, how is it possible for one to repeat the same mistakes times and again. It’s so easy for people to lie, to hurt you when you’re down but the trick is in not letting them get to you. Firstly make sure you don’t let it affect your health... if you’re in good health you will be able to get back at them.

For all those people in the US that think imagining killing someone means your mentally unstable.... well.... this isn’t America ... lucky us... have proof, without 3 witnesses no one will believe you got fucked, this is important because then certain people will only side their cousins because was no proof; being a gentlemen-like behaviour is not always appreciated.

It’s been a week since I got to know, as hard as it is, there is no choice but to deal with it, there is nothing wrong to be hung up on your past, the conversations and pics were quite demeaning no doubt, but for the criminal life goes on, it’s the victim that has to live with yet another scar. There will always be a pilot and a short bastard who has to take gas money from his chick. You can’t lose your life to such hindrances, people will pretend to have problems, they will seldom stand up to the MRK’s but also feel guilty, hiding in that cloak of shame where only lies and deceit germinates. I feel sorry for that womb that held such atrocity, no point defending their honour they like love being a disappointment.
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