Tuesday, July 12, 2011

God Blog

Everybody at some point in their life reaches a phase of realization. Today I realized what a tough job God has. When you’re a God there are peoples hopes pinned with you, their life revolves around you, just to experience disappointment at the end of It all. We as human beings never shy away from judging even God, when things go ok, we’re ok. As soon as things go south we forget him, fight and turn our faces.

When people regard you as a God, it comes with a huge burden of expectations. JUST saying its human to err will get you through life. You need to take responsibility when you hurt someone or are the cause of all their discomforts. You are responsible for their well being, and being a failure is not an option.

God is one, but we search for God amongst the smallest details of our life for his existence, at times we never do. My God never failed me, I’m sorry yours did.
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