Saturday, July 9, 2011

Password Rejected

I’ll go back onto one of the pervious topics which dealt with people who preach. It’s funny how life for them tends to revolve around only them. They claim to have learnt a lot in the past but sadly haven’t. It’s easy to snoop and find something totally irrelevant and make a big deal about it while your inbox lingers with subtle prescience of those individuals of the not so distant past.

Everyone I’ve been remotely intimate with; has their own perception about life and love. And honestly speaking some people are way off reality. On your face they don’t want to screw you, yet they delete you, they may say they adore you but they still refuse you, and when you look into their not so distant past you realize, you were never held in the same high regard.

Being detached from the world is not the same thing as being aloof. You can expect someone to care about your name when you don’t do so yourself. Life evolves and so do people, your inability to keep up, just shows only how inconsiderate you are towards people that actually care.

We usually talk about a belief system, morality and other such similar terms to tell ourselves that our life has structure. But the truth is that we don’t possess the commitment to give structure. It’s okay for you to discuss everything is an NGO owner who resembles his cartoonish logo. To wish all those people except for me, I can’t help but wait for Google+ to go big; the smarter one will hopefully be there much quicker.

The advice column: you can be whatever you want on facebook, smart glamorous, the elite socialite everyone wants to be, but in reality you don’t have to go through life the way many people do. This you refrain from telling out of respect well, now it dies with you and your BUTT. And I quote “No. That was really the last straw” forgiving and forgetting is by far the worse decision a human being can make. While talking about USP’s it is very much possible that many don’t have one. Cause they live on the INFLUENCE of others, hey I may not be a J or S level photographer, but I am going to live... I promise …
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