Wednesday, May 6, 2015


We usually tend to look for big signs; we expect the mystery of life to be communicated in grandeur. And it’s because of this expectation we miss out the subtle signs which describe the magnificence yet simplicity of the gifts life has to offer.

1) Timing: the seasons teach us that there is a time for everything, what goes around, comes around, it teaches us patients. The good things in life come from self discovery, meditation and contemplation with time and not like instant coffee.

2) Humility: the trees shed their leaves every autumn only to gain their supremacy back in spring, every fall has a rise, there is nothing that you cannot come back from, staying humble to your roots may not get you to the top quickly but it will when the time is right.

3) There is peace in chaos: reconnect with nature through your five senses and you will realize its contradictions it's simple and complicated, orderly and messy, quiet and busy. And once you can associate with this, you harness an internal force that helps you achieve peace in the midst of chaos. This happens when you realize your world is bigger than just your problems.

Watching the darkness of the night transform into light injects a burst of hope to get up every morning. We tend to limit our lives with fear, anger, ill health basically self imposed barriers. The leaf transforms the invisible energy of the sun to nourish itself; you can use this invisible energy to turn around your life as well.

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