Monday, September 21, 2015


Some days are better than others, yesterday was pathetic. It’s easy when the trigger is someone else, you can play the blame game, but when the problem is internal it’s hard to ignore, for someone who meticulously plans out his day, week and till the end of times, such a situation just magnifies the OCD compulsions, which sends you reeling down a circular path of destruction.  I don’t really write self help blogs, and this one isn’t the run-of-the-mill self help blog, but I use the following points to judge how far I’ve progressed on the path of destruction.  

(This blog is inspired by an article by Rachel Gillet

  1. Time Management :  I think I have this down apart from the crippling feeling of  not being able to do things.
  2. Empathy: I can pretend, but im not sure if I will ever be able to do it genuinely.
  3. Mastering your sleep: 8 hours enough said
  4. Positive Self Talk: I hate it but I try
  5. Consistency: where there is OCD, there is consistency
  6. Asking for help: I will eventually ask after all is lost
  7. Knowing when to shut up and actually doing it: this is something I need to learn
  8. Listening : what did you say ?
  9. Minding your own business: helps to filter the most important things in life. I bet everyone has their own set of problems, if you don’t, get in touch with me
  10. Mastering your thoughts: one step at a time. 

Life is never as simple as listing ideas as pointers,  and I quote Limp Bizkit here “ life’s a lesson, you learn it when your through.”

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