Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine’s Day

The saddest thing in the world, is loving someone who used to love you.

It’s by far one of the most amazing days of the year, makes me respect capitalism even more every year. To be honest its one uniting factor all over the world. I mean you have to have both good and bad valentines’ days to understand what I’m talking about. The rush of emotions, the helplessness, the pain, the happiness, the love and the hate all rushing through your veins at the same time, you think drugs and alcohol get you high, emotions like these is all you need.

Let me talk about my stupidity first; as a person even though I’ve made tons of mistakes, I’m still a nice guy, friends no matter how good I've always given priority, I helped this friend in the past few weeks so much so that I didn’t have time to help my own blood, my family that I treasure to death. I’m not the kind to help someone and publicize but these friends that you help conveniently use you and discard you. I used to ridicule another two friends for being constantly subjected to such behavior but today I’m the victim and I feel mighty stupid. Birthdays, outings and hangouts you’re not considered, yes when we need help best friends, these people think that they are getting ahead in life based on qualifications and grades that’s the saddest and most shallow aspect of their lives.

Let’s talk about the few lucky people that you actually love; they tend to display pure unconditional ungratefulness. They would not appreciate what you do for them on top of that ridicule you and flock towards those people that merely use them. I’ll be community specific and say that isn’t it sad that your life depends on how many people you know from your community and how many parties you get invited to. I feel for my people, there is so much to do out there why restrict oneself. You go about life saying you need money; but every week you’ll spend shit loads on gifts, I mean people judge you by the gifts you give after all. In theory you can never be wrong since you if you have people to back you up, doesn’t matter if those people use you, it’s just that your now use to living on their charity. Your desperate for recognition, but true recognition is when you set targets and meet them; self actualization should be your aim. You think just because you pray once a week your ticket to heaven is booked?

I think it’s high time that a move is made towards a better life, we suffer day in and day out without anyone to care, and the people we worry ourselves sick about are care free and having fun. They say they loved you but they never did, they are slaves of their own mind, they are the hypocrites but they won’t admit it, they think they are cool, but unfortunately they are naïve idiots living the life of an actor, following a script , only difference this is real life it’s not going to be a happy ending…
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