Saturday, July 31, 2010


So I have an opinion and I’m pretty vocal about it, why is that wrong. Yes, whatever I write is based on observation, comedians, columnist, actors thrive on their keen sense of observation and so do I, criticism is an integral part of what I do, and I guess in hindsight it makes me better. But the obvious question that arises is, isn’t there any Freedom of Speech, I mean are we so engrossed in what we do that any form of criticism is submerged for the sake of aesthetic quality.

Day in and day out people will take it on themselves to put down others, so that the spot light is on them. But the best part of being critical is the fact that it opens up ground for rebuttal. Freedom of speech also includes expression the clothes you wear, no one will ever take you seriously in that crap. Freedom of speech does have its disadvantages no doubt, firstly it may lead to gossiping… which is ok if you do it behind closed doors and wrong if you blog. I would like to clarify one thing, people who blog aren't merely idle but people who have a higher intellectual need and if you read an idle man's blog what does that make you?, call it a hobby and hobbies are done to make best use of idle time… right?? Everyone wants to be right, but only one has that opportunity, my past is very important to me, I’ve learnt a lot and made a huge sacrifice, but some people have tainted their past just because they didn’t get SEX… funny isn’t it. Another form of Freedom or attention seeking is using words or phrases that people don’t know the meaning of, if I’m remedial then I am THE only hope for mankind.. (Check the dictionary next time)

On a completely different note, what lengths to people go through to make their life fulfilling? You try to give importance to the smallest tasks when there is so much more that you can do to make a difference. When will you break away, make a change that you will be remembered for? Or are you content with the way you live? I wish the true meaning of life dawns upon you one day. Do something out of your comfort zone, feel the pain and anguish like me. Unfortunately you will never understand that… doesn’t matter which faith, creed, cast you belong to… Everyone just wants to have fun. Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. Freedom does not begin with speech but the morals you choose. Its time you step up or back down.
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