Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A brief Introduction to Sin…

This blog marks the beginning of a new direction I wish to take with my blogs, concepts play an important part in our lives on which we base most of our decisions. Our decisions unfortunately don’t revolve around how to better ourselves, or how we should do the right thing but how to stay away from sin how we can keep ourselves out of the burning fires of hell. But is that the right way to live? Should we use prayer as tool to push us into further denial that there is hope? Look at the world around you, it’s visibly crumbling, it’s not the end but don’t you feel is quite darn close.

People have been immoral, shiftless, self-gratifying and good for nothings. But for ages now man has found it difficult to set conceptual foundations for their spiritual inadequacies. The challenge is still a daunting one the concept should be substantial enough to include the vast range of disgusting behavior and on the other hand be simple and memorable enough to inspire guilt in the lost illiterate youth. By sinning man injures himself in his being; for he falls from what he ought to be. As a result of this fall there exist the sufferings which he must bear, such as remorse in the present life, and the sufferings which God has established in the life to come for those who violate the laws laid down by His will.

What you need to understand and avoid, when you sin you do it because you want to. The devil made me do it," is a fallacy. The only thing that Satan can do is tempt you in order to draw out the lusts that are already resident within your wicked human heart. Every time you sin, you’re faced with a decision, you’re not forced into it, and the battle is with yourself. Your own lust leads you to sin. Nobody is perfect, but we can’t ignore visible wrong, upholding religion means you uphold its every bit of it. It is for this reason Spirituality should be attained before embarking on quest for God through religion. Stay tuned for the Seven Part Series on the Deadly Sins….

“Nothing makes one so vain as being told one is a sinner. Conscience makes egotists of us all.”
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