Monday, July 19, 2010

Parenting 101

I shouldn’t be writing much on parenting because I’m not one yet, but I like to think I’m a father figure to many … and no that’s not an inclination to my age. Unfortunately for parents they will always be blamed for their children’s faults even if they had nothing to do with it. Let’s try to discuss a few types. The first is the basically the “danda(stick) disillusioned” style; in this case the parents get to break all rules, do whatever they want … you don’t question them cause they give you everything you need ( to keep your mouth shut), your job on the other hand is to live in fear which is sugar coated with extreme confidence.

The second and most important style… well it’s hard to come up with a name but I’ll call it… “Push religion so far down your throat so that your children run in the opposite direction” … obviously my point here is not here to be judgmental but these folks can just be hypocrites you know like you and me. (I’m sorry Carl I couldn’t help it) so on one side your kneeling down in churches, handing down the sacred sacrament and on the other hand you send your daughters to get their weekly dose of tequila shots ?? Makes one very colorful act of Contrition. Doesn’t it? But hey who am I to judge just because I don’t drink and smoke? I hope God pardons me for all “MY” wrong doings…. Amen….

Well my parents took a risk… in hindsight a very good one. They let me wander off instilled some good values and let me off to find my own, make my own decisions, my own mistakes (plenty of them) and find my own way out and learn the valuables lesson life has to offer. I think eventually I will turn out ok… EVENTUALLY. If you can’t relate to the above two scenarios your probably very lucky. Your life will definitely turn out to be ok. The point of this blog is to let you know, life is much harder and much more fulfilling when you “do it yourself”. Find yourself, it’s the best journey you will ever make…

Special Shout Out to

Shiza Tariq … the loudest person in Sales Class
Asheta Gonsalves … the truest person I know... has always been the same no matter what…

Self is the only prison that can ever bind the soul.
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