Saturday, April 9, 2011


It’s one of those days again when things become highly unmanageable. The worst part about it all is that everyone has an opinion. And very stupid ones at that. I set out to solve the issues of the world but there are basic dents in my armor that I can’t fix. In the midst of despair and pain I reconnected with a higher power today out of sheer freewill. It felt good and comforting but only for a while before you realize you’re human again. It’s hard to hurt people you adore the most, it’s something that I can never forgive myself for, but life’s not a popularity game it’s more meaningful than that.

Philosophy isn’t for everyone; it’s not about intelligence it’s about what you have already. The poor is always asking for money, the sick always for better health and the elite for peace of mind. Spirituality is possible for those who have time, for those who don’t have to worry about food or money, for those who don’t have to wash their own blood drenched clothes and who have the internet: p… be the reason to make someone smile; be the person people can depend on... eternity will be rocking..

Mind over matter? Bullshit

Pain is real; pain is a part of life, having a headache? And you think it’s the end of the world? Think again of those people fighting their last battles with life, (although if you pretend you have cancer you may get a party) but in general it’s pretty sucky. 1:10 am 9th April 2011, hungry thirsty and a few other emotions I can’t disclose, waiting for the sun to shine one last time.

“Its not light at the end of the tunnel that matters it’s the light within” R.I.P
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