Friday, June 17, 2011


Life really does take unexpected turns, people u expect to stick by you are the ones that screw you. No matter how much care affection you’d show them they will still judge you saliently. Everyone wants to stay happy and keep their families happy in the process, never thinking if the other side of the river. I think I know why this happens. Two reasons in my opinion play an important, fear and delusion. Also the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Firstly, fear is generated from the lack of resources, the need to be in the shelter of your fathers money, the comfort you get from being associated to a group where you cannot displease anyone. You feel good when you don’t have basic freedom to even talk in the comfort of your own room. Just so that you can go for ice-cream on your birthday. All your mistakes shall be forgiven just cause you’re in love.

The next and more interesting kind is the ones that are lost in a world, where the rivers of sweet honey flow, problems they have are the biggest, their ideas need to be unchallenged, most ethical and definitely the best taste in music. Living a life which is to APPEAR to be the epitome of righteousness and piousness. Your right cause the man on the fourth floor loves the way you dress.

No matter how you go by life, being ethical or not, how much u do for anyone, your anger is always not justified, you always play the victim and yes you’re in for the chase. Let me get a few misconceptions out of the way. There is a huge gap between what’s in your head and the actual truth. Certain responsibilities I will fulfill even if it means sacrificing my happiness. You were given access to privileged information and you did not use it well. I too live in my own world, where I am the king, I know the problems I know where I stand, im not your punching bag to use me and then go get married off to a pilot or for that matter to someone in the banking industry.
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