Thursday, November 24, 2011

Citrus Overdose

As the days go by, the pressure piles on. A lot of things on my mind, but the most important one are giving up. It’s not like I enjoy the anger and bitterness but really something’s are just out of my hand. I’m not apologizing, because that would mean I admit I’m wrong and I rarely am. Everybody has their own sets of problems I agree but playing the blame game seems better that just being bitter. It’s easy to comment on other people’s foolishness but wasting your time with a somebody with an exotic taste in rings? That's being a fool. We go through life making others feel inadequate only to find that we’re hiding out own incompetency’s. Then we pile on the attitude to make it look cool.
The reason secrets need to stay secrets is that no one really benefits from them, you open up a your world to someone just for them to reinforce the fact that well u don’t have much, u don’t do much. Everyday life changes, you win some you lose some, some become stronger some weaker. What we forget is that the choice is really ours, if your unable to look at yourself in the mirror something is definitely wrong, yet you rather worry about hair spray and back combing you’re not going to get far. You’re life revolves around a bulky entity that is on the path to pro-creation, it saddens me where this world is going. I think I’m going to join Tehrek-e-Insaaf, can’t beat them, join them....
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