Monday, November 28, 2011


Nature is smarter than us; it usually works in ways we often are unable to decipher. Usually when death is close to a person, they often lose everything they have, friends, family and material possession. Those who survive only do so because they want to, that drives, that some would call pessimism. What is with everyone and trying to make peace with everything? There is always someone to blame, it is always someone’s fault.
Believing in God means u have to believe in the devil too, I wish I had the ability to forget everything but lying here I can’t help but imagine the inconsistencies of life. I’ve tried my level best to impress, only to get shot down every time and I’m suppose to be okay with everything. Life isn’t like dialysis, u drain the dirt, filter it and put it back in… we wish… One day you’re angry at a married person the next day they’re the Biblical Answer to the ideal course of action in life. Yet not everyone gets the party, emails can be a mighty dangerous way of communication but carrying chats in usb is no better. Life can take these unwanted turns; the best way to avoid such mishaps is dying peacefully in your bed.
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