Thursday, March 19, 2015

Capgras Delusion

Health is truly wealth, and nothing in this world that is more important than your health and well being. This past week has been quite an emotional roller coaster, but more of a sense of realization. No matter how much you prepare for it, the consequences of fear cannot be foreseen. The depressing state of the country makes me feel as if I have no place here; the threats keep on coming and have bought me down.

Staggering away from work due to the inability to stay well, while I sit in my car finding the ignition unsteadily, I can’t help but wonder if the real threat is by the people outside or the ones we once thought were close to us. For years you suffer in the hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you realize the journey is not worth the trouble anymore. Inherently people will never change, they will live to please the world but use you for their own comfort. Staying stable has been harder than I thought, but no one has it easy, we mask our pain with the veil of joy, we lament in the hoards of crowds, and weep in the darkness of the nights. We hope for a savior but we don’t want to pray.

Majority of the people you count on will let go when push comes to shove, my only support has been my parents and the band of brothers, and the odd pain killer. But again we expect too much all the time which leads to our downfall. People will only think about themselves and their convenience, and moreover their own happiness. I love a big juicy steak, but I can’t have it any more, says the man in the white coat. I have lost hope in this country and the confidence to live in it freely, terms like dalit and bhangi is what my people are called and treated. I won’t jump the gun and say I’m depressed, but I surely am close to it … for more info read up on Immanuel Kant’s Moral Philosophy

The Axe Forgets... But the tree remembers

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