Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Psychology of Stupid

Relationships are volatile if they aren’t you will probably get bored. I’ve seen couples that fight a great deal, but are still together and makes you think why this stupidity. But the rush of the drama sometimes is overwhelming. Nevertheless when the end does come, people find it hard to accept.  Why am I still so upset? They wonder, almost punishing themselves. Why does the sound of their name still make my pulse quicken? Why would we still take them back in a second? They feel pitiful and hopeless.

A popular research at Berkley shows that your brain in love is the same as your brain wired for a reward. Therefore after the breakup there is no reward in this case I believe is the interaction with an ex. And when you don’t get this drug we call “love” you tend to experience some painful withdrawal. The extent will, however depend on certain factors suggested by Elly Prior, The length of the relationship, how recently you split up, how “intense” or even “obsessive” the relationship was, how important it was to you and how it ended.

The age of technology doesn’t make it easier, you’re always connected on whatsapp, and you read a status directed at you or maybe someone likes a picture of a trip you almost forgot about. I’d suggest Zuckerberg to create an algorithm to cater to breakups. Be prepared for the unusual attacks, you will never know when they will come, maybe a character in a book shares the name as their sibling, you wearing the shirt they gave you and you realize that half way through lunch.  Boom: Sadness Arrives or psychosis in my case.

The first step however, is not to be stupid, one of the harsh realities of life is that you may have to become selfish to care about your family and loved ones, end of the day nothing wrong with that. Also the sooner you accept money isn’t everything, life tends to balance out (even if it’s some land on your name). Confining yourself indoors only makes things worse, time to have some fun. One thing that has helped me personally is meditation and doesn’t have to be the conventional monk style but find a method that’s works, collect your thoughts and understand what is important. Love however, is just a chemical imbalance that makes you do stupid things. There is a pill for everything

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