Monday, July 27, 2015

The Splintered Mind

It was not really alarming at first, but the changes were subtle, but I did notice a darker tone that my surroundings embraced.  The shadows felt more somber, my mornings were bland, my thoughts less zestful and there were moments when a kind of panic and anxiety took over my existence. One can never point out the cause of depression maybe it’s a chain of events or just a chemical imbalance in your body. Most people especially men will put on a strong face but not visit a doctor. The more you try to be positive you know there is something dark inside, just waiting to come out.

I feel angry and I feel guilty, I feel nauseous. I feel love. I feel regret.

I haven’t written for 5 months now, this is a feeble attempt at getting back. These flurries of emotion that I’m feeling cripple me to a point where life makes no sense. This might be a midlife crisis, I just don’t know. I feel my problems are at the verge of just beginning. Sadly I don’t know what the future has in store for me. Sometimes the only option seems to end it all sometimes it’s the little things in life that keeps you going.. 
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