Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Veiled Sphinx

It feels like one of those days when things are just not going your way, the problem is that I have had those days every day for the past year or so. It feels like everyone is out to get you, but obviously that isn’t true since you aren’t that special. I always thought I was right, but 30 years into existence you realize everything was a lie. This might even be a midlife crisis, but the line is thin, and time is short.

Many people struggle with finding their purpose in life; it’s more common than you think. The chances are you are probably living someone else’s life or fulfilling someone’s wishes other than your own. When people lose hope, they put their trust in things which are nothing but self fulfilling prophecies like the Greek drama Oedipus Rex thus the theory Oedipal Complex.

If you are dealing with some sort of mental illness, be assured you will have to do it alone. I might seem idle, but in reality I’m really busy in my head. People would generally advise you to cheer up or stay positive. But in reality the positivism is just to mask those actions that have done others wrong. Just because you have justified it in your head doesn’t mean its right. The worth you have assigned to others is usually the incompetence you are trying to hide yourself. But hey, whatever works right.

Giving charity from robbing the right of others hardly seems fair, morality doesn’t come from religion but from within. The simple lessons I’ve learnt in life is, money isn’t everything (but usually the cause of stress and anxiety) and it's okay to have some fun once in a while. 
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