Friday, February 12, 2016

Binary Thinking

“Einstein said that if quantum mechanics were correct then the world would be crazy. Einstein was right - the world is crazy.” 
― Daniel M. Greenberger

In a world of possibilities, we restrict ourselves to  and/or. It doesn't always have to be like that.  Seasons change, people come and go, and the only thing constant is you. Change is never always for the best, but sometimes when you realize it; it's too late to go back. You can be both dead and alive until you realize it (Schrödinger's cat). 

I envy people; not for the fame or fortune but for the clarity they have on the direction they have in life. It is easy to set low targets, achieve them and go with the flow, but as time passes ruthlessly, in reality, each day and every moment seems to drag on till eternity in my head. This state of ambiguity tears me from the inside daily. The world of possibility is out there, but we are stuck in the confinement of our mind. We at times fail to realize that much of our life is in our own hands, there is a world inside that needs to be explored.  

As life progresses the urge for certainty grows stronger. But as the Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that it is impossible to know simultaneously the exact position and momentum of a particle which kind of sounds exactly like my life. Not really sure if quantum mechanics was the topic I wanted to discuss, but it's a start of a journey to examine life as we know it. 
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