Monday, November 9, 2009


Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide. I guess being free means liberating you mind. I believe I attained freedom in the true sense these past few days. I’ve realized many things; the people around me are not the way they are by choice but condemn to this form of life. We portray á facade of being open-minded and independent when we are not. It’s this age where parents force you to go for parties when they should be motivating you to complete your education. You become á means of earning money while your other siblings get all the glory, yes being the favourite is imperative. I feel sorry for those people who yearn to be there for every party and when you need to be in the good books of those so called people who are well aptly titled “Cream of the parish” (you get that title if u put on á 100 pics of your parties on facebook in search of comments)

Life for “our people” is reduced to parties and booze. I’d like to quote Mr. Correa here, “keep you booze, fags and attitude outside, if you deserve the respect you’ll get if not, hard luck”. When 21 year olds are painting their nails black to make á statement, calling themselves rockers and DJ's, for crying out loud GET á life. And for 23 year olds who thinking hanging out with such people makes you cool think again.
You know desperate attempts to be accepted in the community, will get you nowhere. I on the other hand have the privilege of amazing friends, teacher’s mentors. Its time like these I feel truly blessed. People have finally developed what Nietzsche said “á slave mentality”. I promise I’ll be nicer if try to be smarter
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