Saturday, December 26, 2009


"I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God".

Christmas, this year things just don’t feel the same. At one side there is an abundance of happiness, on the other side the feeling of loss. The fear of the tempest up ahead, but the confidence to deal with it as well, Christmas is such a special time, doesn’t matter if your friends aren’t with you or even if u may have any. I have had an amazing Christmas day, not a one where there is loads of people coming in and out or a party, but spending it with a few loved ones and a lot of good food. This post won’t continue about the aesthetics of Christmas but another very important aspect related to life, Faith.

It’s easy for me to devise a sermon like post for you at the comfort of my house with a reliable Wi-Fi connection and loads of love from my loved ones. But spare a thought for those pure hearted individuals who go through the hardships of surviving a day by challenging life every step of the way. To drive by every signal on your way to a party watching children who should be playing are washing windscreens without proper clothes to shield them from the weather. I can’t even begin to imagine spending my life like that, and I’d like to believe that its faith that gets them through life.

Us as individual are such shallow hypocrites, we pray to God conditionally, if we get what we asked we love him, or else we get into one of those phases where we go away from God. Let’s look at something more superficial, firstly people have bigoted thoughts about casts, you’re from Goa and she’s of south Indian descent. We both are at the bon fire both trying to outdo each other’s group in “partying”. I think when you place so much emphasis on having fun, it’s worth nothing. Life is not only about living but making life worthwhile for others as well. We all have a purpose in life to fulfill, but people are worried about which people they should hang out with so they may have transport to get back from a party. It’s pointless trying to change people’s mind that have corrupted souls and then I’m shallow. I pray that God bring peace and tranquility to those who deserve it, to my friend and brother that God touches him profoundly and give him the strength to fight. I’ll end with a little Sufi tale.

Mullah Nasrudin was sowing seed in his garden. His wife noticed
that the further he went, the faster he sowed.
"Mullah," she called out to him, "why are you scattering the
seed so fast? It would be better to sow it more slowly and carefully."
"I can’t," Nasrudin called back as he rushed by. "There isn’t
much seed left and I want to get the job finished before it runs out."
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