Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chronicles of the Cake makers

I wonder at times what has happened to us as a community, great civilizations have been bought to dust for their own mishaps, with no one else to blame but themselves. Noble life demands a noble architecture for noble uses of noble men. Lack of culture means what it has always meant: ignoble civilization and therefore imminent downfall. My nemesis - my downfall, if you will - was relationships, and trying to fulfill them, but obviously I’m not going to discuss my relationship(s) but relationships in general.

There was this time when partners were chosen on the qualities they possess rather then what they possess. Unfortunately much of our activity these days is nothing more than a cheap anesthetic to deaden the pain of an empty life. For those poor men who want to make something of themselves you know be self-made, basically the honorable thing to do are quite aptly termed “boring”. Now lets the kind who is not boring and hope to learn from these individuals who have supposedly everything. Taking the easy way out is an option to, set low standards, meet them and live happily ever after. Firstly you should be an absolute awesome dancer and completely in the clubbing scene. Obviously to get to the club you need to have a car, and ample cash to go with it. Doesn’t matter where is comes from, hard earned or just from the old man’s fountain of cash, it all counts. If all that doesn’t work you might want to try trekking, damn the excuses they make.

Well its fun now, life seems good, but where is the growth, I mean is this what you’re going to pass on to your kids, just because your dad doesn’t ask you with who your going doesn’t mean it’s ok. What you portray to the world is often quite the opposite of what you are, and when this happens it’s the beginning of the end. People change, but it should always be for the good. Sitting at home waiting for some aunt to help you ship your ass off to Canada seems the ultimate option. The intent of this blog was just to vent some repressed feelings. The target of this is clearly stated in the title. And if somehow you can relate to this blog, consider yourself to be in deep shit.

A good wife is one who serves her husband in the morning like a mother does, loves him in the day like a sister does and pleases him like a prostitute in the night.
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