Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 10... Regrets…

God created the world in 7 days and I destroyed mine in 7 minutes. Regrets is visibly the best thing in the world, for all those say you should not regret things don’t understand the true meaning of making mistakes. Some mistakes are way too much fun to make just once, and Mistakes are sometimes the best memories we have. What does it mean to regret something? That you would go back in time and change it if you could? That's too easy. I would go back and change so many things if that were easily possible: I would even change that time I took too sharp a left turn at the end of our street and skidded off my bike and skinned my knees and elbows. Does that mean I really regret having skinned my knees and elbows? Well, yes, of course, in some sense, but I don't think that was the sense that my friend had in mind when asking me about what, if anything, I have regrets.

Day 10 doesn’t seem as bad, I will independent, the pain is secondary, the realization immense. Problems come and go I guess at every stage in your life you feel it can’t get any worse but it does. It’s really ok to be selfish once in a while; you are allowed to be happy you should think about your family. Don’t run behind what was never yours. Make tons of mistakes, accept them apologize for them and move on, don’t justify them. If I’m not supposed to eat a chocolate cake, I can’t eat it and say I didn’t enjoy it. Doesn’t really make sense does it.

To be honest its not been easy, but you know what makes life worthwhile, a concerned friends anger, a phone call that ends with a God Bless you. I hope the end of the pain will bring about a new life and new chapter. Brings happiness to my loved ones, and discard those who left you hanging… regret only to be stronger, love not as a part of a compromise but to obtain the true joys of life. Stop making excuses .

(Look out for the next blog on relationships)

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as if it were a nail." -Abraham Maslow
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