Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 12... Peace...

I usually write when I feel very strongly about something, today I did but more than that I realized a lot in context with my life. I’m told I don’t apologize, maybe I don’t say it out aloud but ACTIONS speak louder than words. The pain the discomfort has subsided only temporary, we often go through life thinking either we are always wrong or we can never be wrong. Either way, we live in perpetual denial.

I close a very long and irritating chapter of my life today. Sometimes the biggest mistake is not making the actual mistake but trying to rectify it. Anger plays a very important role in all this, brings out the truth and sets you free, so now we know where your information came from where the number came from; it’s time for the drama to end. Best part is I don’t care, about people wasting their time gossiping or the subject of gossip. Ever thought why people gossip? It’s when you’re angry or jealous, I’ll let you decide why you did it.

If you decide to be a jerk just because you are going through a rough patch doesn’t justify anything. Everyone is going through something or the other, but life goes on. I missed your presence a lot; you bore with all my negativity and immaturity. You didn’t make distance an excuse, so well my way of apologizing.

I am not a piece of log that drifts away, it’s a natural course of life where priorities change, especially when you get to know what is going on behind your back. As YOU may have noticed this post is anger free, that’s because I’ve kind of figured out the game, well played. The one thing I will admit is the attitude I have. You see when one individual intrudes in the business of another person it does not speak very highly of them. But in spite of everything, I feel peace and tranquility, the serenity I deserve.

If you can’t convince them, confuse them...
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