Sunday, July 18, 2010

Italian Job

To betray you must first belong

I just love that movie, actually only the first 10 minutes but what the heck. Life most of the time is pretty unfair, if nothing is wrong people would just try to burst your bubble for the heck of it, the summer heat is getting to people. The best parts about us Pakistanis are that Hitler is dead, but we will go all the way to Germany live there and continue screwing people. So yes you got a nose ring, makes u look even more like a **** (not my opinion however) but all of this doesn’t really matter to me, cause you’re always going to be after the person that treats you like shit and make your family a fool, then you pretend to be the righteous one.

As a kid I was forced to write these stupid compositions on how technology has ruined us etc. but I kind of understand it now, we as a nation and community have resorted to living on hand downs and charity. Yes it happens on a national level, but sad part is its happening on a personal level, for how long will you live like that, when will the dignity and shame kick in? What heights will you go through to fit in? Sadness…

They say a man is only as sick as his secrets, good thing mines out. It’s not just one incident that pisses me off it’s just the summation of everything. The problem is I have no one to blame it on, there are just so many things, and when I do get angry it’s my fault. How is it that you embrace an imbecile in front of everyone but reserve such emotions for a loved one on the confinements of stairs? I’ve battled with a lot in my life just to find out what I am and what I want to be. Pictures are my life, and pictures speak a thousand words, those words that you shall never utter in public, to your family to the people that matter. Makes me think am I making that mistake all over again, being overconfident that I can get the unattainable. I am a flamboyant man that takes pride in everything attached to me. I am supposed to close myself up in a cage and wait for dawn? Some sunsets don’t really have sunrises. Its not the first time I’m going through this, I’m guessing it won’t be the last.
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