Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 7... 5 idiots...

"Just to prove i was right that it's harder to be friends than lovers and you shouldn't try and mix the two, cause if you do and then you're still unhappy, then you know that the problem is you."
- Liz Phair

This day seems to be on a low today, not feeling my very best. Solitude is still my best friend, doesn’t really leave my side. Weekends are supposed to be fun but that’s not happening. You shouldn’t have really left now wrong time. I take a lot of pride in the friends I have and I really do pity those for whom friendship is a mere exchange of favors.

What is you are just a means to an end in a friendship and mere tool to fulfill needs in return of recognition of friendship... that’s not friendship exactly it’s called conning . Anyway the 5 idiots include 2 sedate individuals who function on the commands of the other three, nice as they are not a life I would want to live since I was a part of that ensemble once. So by night you’re the best of friends since you need a group to go for parties sample alcohol and u know warm the arms of many men, yes these days it’s done in groups. So by night you get a pick and a drop, since the clothes we wear are eco friendly and dropped at the late hours of the darkening night. It doesn’t matter all that you’ve spoken behind peoples back as long as I get a ride back home. My dignity is only as good as the amount of parties I go to.

Day time is a whole different story, yes we are still friends but you see I don’t care if you’re a girl I’ll drop you half way to your house, you can stand in your lonely corner at the side of ALtamash Dental wait for a bus to take you home . You stand there wearing your decent shalwar kameez and covering your head as if you are the epitome of decency, so you don’t like me, I was still kind enough to offer you a ride but you refuse to take one from me. You can go to hell for all I care.

I sympathize with your situation and your break up, but think about it sweetheart you had it coming. Bossing over him, not giving him that much he is a guy he will crack. You left him or he left you, doesn’t really matter I thought it would bring me joy but I’m still a really nice. I wish all of you had friends like me, your life would be a true pleasure. To my friends: Rabia, Misbah, Rabeya, Salman, Simien, Anneka, Sughra. The pain is increasing I’m losing my senses
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