Friday, June 18, 2010

Emotional Roller-coaster Part 2

Why is it that people constantly strive to be difficult? all i ask from you is time, maybe its selfish of me that i don't want you to go away from me but even you don't know what turbulent times lay ahead of me. this is precisely why one should not divulge their problems and go by life alone. i wish i could spend my life whining but time is a luxury i don't have. yes i lie allot according to people but its a lie cause i choose for it to be a lie. the thing about a quarrel is that it take two parties, it can be avoided if one party deserts it only gets worse if one o the parties in question probes. i was quite happy till i got to know that women are capable of breaking hearts.

to begin with for you the whole notion of being in love is conceptual, but what you fail to understand is that concepts at times make you defy logic. the reason why i say you live in denial is cause you actually do, religion is a beautiful thing but its not open to interpretation, if you wanna follow one part of it you cant ignore the rest its not regular ice-cream shop where u get too choose your flavors and toppings according to your mood. I'm telling you now i won't miss you, i've bought myself to handle things alone thank you very much. i've mentioned i've an extremist so its either black or white no grey for me, same thing in life its either a yes or no. my friend whether you like it or not is my conscious, i was told by my conscious not to venture into this arrangement its dangerous and heartbreaking, but being a man i dint think twice, now look at me.

moving to even more trivial issues, the order i seek in life is the confusion i feel. everyone has problems each with their own priorities my actual problem is that i don't reach that level to handle the bigger ones cause people find ample time to burden me with smaller more irrelevant ones. the more you try to run away from a fight the faster it chases you down. you try to give someone the respect of not fighting back they will make sure there is a fight. "Izzat Raz nhy ati bhai". Another problem is that everyone wants to be the victim, i think its a universal rule now that its always my fault. i don't mind but it gets to me sometimes and people just don't understand.

The point well, there isn't a point to this post its just to tell you that people are so short sited, i know its cliched to say that put yourself in my shoes but seriously try it. You will get to now that it isn't a walk in the park, even for a handsome guy like me ...
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