Thursday, November 18, 2010

Being and Nothingness

I often wondered what the problem of our nation is, usually blamed it on governments and other economics factors, but with more careful thought it’s something else all together. The unfortunate strata of society don’t have much of a choice but to exist in the prevailing situation without having much say. It’s the upper class of society that usually talks about concepts like “free will”. Does this mean that freewill exists only for those blessed with abundant financial resources?!! The same people that talk about free will also believe in destiny, but even these so called financially abundant and educated people live in this sphere of contradiction.

Free will is for those who like Sartre said are “condemned to be free” they will do what they want and go about life building own set of rules that in the end justify their ENDS. It is these people that inflict upon themselves the worst kind of pain, the pain of self degradation, self pity and what not. It’s a choice not a way of life… condemning yourself to be free means u begin to judge others on your own scale of right and wrong. Until you realize before it’s too late that your standards were too low to begin with. This freedom gives you an important choice of either being a part of the problem or a part of the solution… choice is yours... evaluate where you stand today and the truth will cause you heartache and shame. Essence precedes Existence….

My take on this well… to a certain level you are free, but when start believing in a higher being you believe in his WORD, and when you do so correctly, you fulfill your destiny. Your will combined with that of the Divine.

Free will for the better part of the existence of life hasn’t worked out that well; we have laws constitutions, police and armies which in reality are restricting free will. For existentialism, responsibility is the dark side of freedom. When individuals realize that they are completely responsible for their decisions, actions, and beliefs, they are overcome by anxiety. They try to escape from this anxiety by ignoring or denying their freedom and their responsibility. But because this amounts to ignoring or denying their actual situation, they succeed only in deceiving themselves. The existentialists criticize this flight from freedom and responsibility into self-deception. Free will is a relative term depending on your situation, salves wouldn’t be slaves if they had a choice, wars wouldn’t have taken place, and people wouldn’t have died if they had a choice…
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