Thursday, November 18, 2010


For most of my life I thought the problem the people in the world had was having a superiortity complex.. but unfortunetely its quite the opposite. When individuls feel superior to others, they’re hated and that’s about it … for a person suffering from an inferiority complex its difficult to excel, usually stuck in a spiral of self pitty and loathing attracts nothing but negative energy. I’ve said many things in my life which have hurt people, but I do not regret it for what I say is quite true. Mistakes yes everyone makes but repeating the same thing over and over again shows self imposed immaturity. But then change is something not many people embrase easily, logic eludes even the most educated. There is a big difference between punishment and torture, although both can be carried out by the same means. Doesn’t make it right..

Making promises and deals is definitely overated, the times of honourable people has left us, word of a man means nothing anymore… do the honourable thing and be ready to be laughed at. The fear if the future criplles us, even admist happiness we find pain. We do that to remind us of the attrocities about to come our way. I worry about the future to, it’s a brital pain that hinders my present. But its faith that keeps me going. Faith is irrelavent to the ungrateful, it means nothing to they person going to stab you in the back. History repeats itself time and time again, yet we never learn. As much I want change in my life, change doesn’t happen so easily, the only thing that changes is time.. people never change .. Never..
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