Thursday, December 16, 2010

Betrayal Part 2

I apologise if I’ve created a minor confusion for my well wishers, this betrayal is not an external one. It’s the worst kind of betrayal the one you commit unto yourself. This person did that and this group screwed me over, is what I’ve been doing for a really long time. But think about it like most people in the world I forgot who I am, what my capabilities are and I let norms of the society control me. It’s hard when you realize the truth make you feel used.

Knowing yourself is a lifelong journey, but if you waste your whole life finding yourself when do you plan to live? You want to know what you’re made up off, find yourself struggling in adversity, and see yourself transcending. The people I hate most in life are people who stall, prolong and agonize everything, when they have the power to change things, they refuse to accept it. A person who takes himself to be a slave to God, will always be a slave to his conscious, a slave to others and will project a slave morality. People who drown themselves in a pool of self pity, it is these kind of people that hinder progress.

Don’t ever feel you need someone to hold you up, or you need to build on these needs of being associated to groups. Not having fun? Doesn’t mean you not cool, and why have fun just to cover up the pain you feel inside, being a part of the solution is never easy, but it is the right thing to do. Your life feels different on you, once you greet death and understand your heart's position. You wear your life like a garment from the mission bundle sale ever after -- lightly because you realize you never paid nothing for it, cherishing because you know you won't ever come by such a bargain again.

And I pray, oh my God do I pray
I pray every single day
For a revolution...
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