Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I come to meet people from every walk of life and the sad truth is the ones closest are the ones well equipped to screw you. Now why does this happen, well most of the time its cause of a rich blend on ungratefulness paired with an attitude that well stinks, that people posses. Being good to people is like being a goalkeeper no matter how many goals you save they will always remember the one you missed.

Everyday I learn something new, some inadequacies about myself, and usually the people to tell or make me feel it... are part of an esteem bunch of losers. You make people an integral part of your life, give them your mind and soul just to find out they’re throwing themselves at others. For someone who doesn’t do much... my life goes through dramatic changes I mean it seems like there is a long unending line of people waiting to screw me. This world we live in is sadist in nature, it no more about striving and achieving the ultimate that makes you the best; it’s in comparison to others that determine your standing in the world. The things people do to please others the effort and dedication to satisfy them when on the other hand inflicting pain on someone supposedly more important is a piece of cake.

Being alone is not that bad, its being alone and constantly screwed is what gets to you. People with their mediocre thinking really put me down, but it just adds to my arrogance and I have no issues with that. Relationships whether romantic, whether business or just friendships will eventually end, some you expect and come to terms with it, other you only wish will end. Either way, it’s not painful because there always something you can take out of it, if you want, your dignity. People talk about faith, faith comes amidst the realm of shame a shameless person cannot have faith; it’s the same as saying a whore can fall in love. If their business was legitimate, they would deduct a substantial percentage for depreciation of their body.if words mattered i'd be king..
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