Friday, December 31, 2010


To work without attachment is to work without the expectation of reward or fear of any punishment in this world or the next. Work so done is a means to the end, and God is the end.
~ Ramakrishna

On the eve of another new year, I haven’t any long list of resolutions but just the quest of peace. Peace is this one elusive feeling in my life; most people confuse happiness with peace. Some philosophers say that happiness is nothing but an interval between two sorrows; other respected bloggers call the instance between happiness and unhappiness a period of indifference. I agree with both, but there is only a limit to how much a person can take. Some people find happiness in the smaller things in life, im well quite the opposite, that tempting stage of self-actualization is so far away.

I think what kills a person is expectation... from life, from people, from God. What you need to understand is that it’s God and not the tooth fairy. Never confuse your duty as the same thing as what people expect of you, duty is what you owe to yourself, expectations well that’s just your fear of rejection. An important skill to possess in life is the power to say no, in my past relationships I believe the only mistake I made, and I did make very few was not to prioritize. Saying no becomes as important as saying yes, Otherwise you will not have time to carry out your duty, or to do your own work, and certainly no time for love and happiness. The termites will nibble away your life and leave none of it for you.

It is today that I want to decide the people to have in my life and the people to let go, sometimes keeping someone is tougher then letting go. It’s you who decides no one else. Our choices are not between right or wrong, good or evil, we selfish beings choose between pain and pleasure, damned is the person who chooses pleasure all the time, but worse is the person who resorts to pain for pleasure. Sometimes, love is not what brings you happiness...may this coming year rid you of all mental ailments
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