Monday, January 17, 2011


Well for the better part of my life I’ve feared numbers. I’ve always been a bright individual, not the kind who has a full scholarship to show against his name but well pretty well informed so to say. But for the other not so bright numbers is a simple game. I mean for the low necks and arm around the neck soft porn behaviour, the first number that matters is bank balance, and the second that doesn’t really matter is the age... of the amount of litres of booze that goes down that well godforsaken fake accent and the inches by which the hairline recedes.

Well I haven’t written in a while for the simple reason that my life had been panning out the way I wanted it to. Problems are a part of life but its hope that keeps me going. But when life just brings you people that constantly cheat and lie you feel it. I mean discarding them is the toughest thing to do but it has to be done. Their lives will not change no matter what, they live in a cloud of slavery, yes you may have the best in life, but you will never be happy you let yourself be dictated by someone morally so corrupt that makes you morally ambiguous. You screw someone and feel you’re the victim, you lie and cheat and yet you think you’re never wrong because that’s how you’ve trained your mind. I made a mistake in the dawn of December 2009 and I’m facing the consequences till today while others will indulge in the degradation of themselves through various methods and say they don’t enjoy it.

One more day, I don’t know if happiness is going to come by way, but peace will definitely, and for all those who can’t seem to relate to this post remember one thing. Life is more than what you do for yourself, but the sacrifices you make. I did my share and got absolutely nothing in return.
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