Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rusty Nails

Custom represents the experiences of men of earlier times as to what they supposed useful and harmful - but the sense for custom (morality) applies, not to these experiences as such, but to the age, the sanctity, the indiscussability of the custom. And so this feeling is a hindrance to the acquisition of new experiences and the correction of customs: that is to say, morality is a hindrance to the development of new and better customs: it makes stupid.

Doing wrong comes really naturally to some people. Morality is something that isn’t an issue anymore. Doing the right thing doesn’t matter anymore; we then worry why the human race is so damned. My issue is a morality problem, well that problem exists because I have a fixed set of values that I find difficult to keep up with, and honestly that isn’t the problem I tell you.
The first problem is that some people work on flexible moralities. They make and bend rules according to situations to suit them. In the name of morality they’re willing to give up freewill basic human rights you know... the decisions of whom to speak to etc... The hoops people jump through for love ... refreshing to see... I don’t miss the circus one bit.

The next problem, is individuality, I mean u judge people on qualities compared to someone purely insignificant. People who have absolutely no regard for another person’s religious values is couth, people who wilfully adore them are the real culprits who ignite this sense of supremacy in the hearts of this low lives.

Morality is not my problem it’s my strength. For all those who become slaves of their conditions are because of faulty morals. today you give up one person and you will have to continue to make this sacrifice till it eventually ends, do you take that extra drip of morphine just to ease the pain or are you addicted to it... will you ever know?? I may not be a man who makes all the right decisions, but I man up to the ones I make, I will admit that I am in love even if it’s not the right thing to do. You those who mock my religion, I let you do so for a greater good, my time will come.
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