Friday, February 4, 2011

The Preachers... Day 2

Lust is one of the most riveting of the sins. I’ll tell you why, it makes you leave people that care for you and go to people well who care about others. But lust isn’t just the dirty lust you and I always assume but it has this deep rooted feeling that you repress which oozes out in form of a “par-tai”

You know what hurts the most is not the “Body-Shots” people take at you, but that the problem is in my head, I wish throwing someone a party was the end of it all going through it is another ordeal all together. I always thought I was addicted to pain, but that’s ok, it’s better to be in pain then to have a slave mentality. I think I’ll spread a rumour that Katrina Kaif is my girlfriend, yea a little out of my league but maybe she’ll throw me a party too... what say.

You know what I love about the cancer virus, that whether you have it or not, even the notion will but you, and don’t question peoples conduct what i question is your intent, its easy to attack me about what i tell you in person, but when i question your conduct which is quite public its wrong? Two very separate things honey. i wish i shared the subtlety of my fellow blogger

People and their love for dance, they love to see the pain of others just so that they can live happily ever after, i know everything, i know what you did, and you sicken me.
Today hasn’t been any better, lack of food, and water can make you cranky, a needle isn’t dirty by virtue but by what it is subjected to...
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