Wednesday, April 20, 2011


"Do you love God?" She answered "Yes." "Do you hate the devil?" She answered, "No, my love of God leaves me no time to hate the devil."

People often go through life with a lot of questions in their mind, and never find the answer that would satisfy. We ponder over things like freewill and destiny, how much freewill does that man have with just enough money to feed his family the one meal for the day. What destiny is he fulfilling when he lays his head down to rest thinking of where the next day’s food will come from? Often we turn towards God for an answer, funny how many find it easily others struggle to even get a glimpse. I often questioned why the need for so much pain. Men of God gave me their reasons; Atheists gave me their own perspective. I still fail to understand. Opposites need to exist for appreciation to blossom. But as Nietzsche says “ pain has been or shall be able to tempt me into giving false testimony about life as I recognize it.” I shall tell you about the pain of a dying soul. Pain is not intoxicating, pain is not liberating, pain is something that changes a person. Destructive emotions like anger are a slave to pain.

You tend to do things that have no justification, two faces psycho. Religion for many is a tool of justification for their insecurities; just leave it to God right??!! For others it’s a quest to find a better life and for the rest, well it’s attending 5 mins of prayers out of the whole are, wrap your hand around your girlfriends neck and yes duties fulfilled. For many life is a series of heartaches, the pain they go through will reduce them to shambles, make them compromise every step of their lives and settle for the second best always.

Love, Greatness the will to be something more means nothing to others. The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly. A small extract from a Sufi writer:

“This pain comes from the memory of when we were together with God, what the Sufis call "the sweetness that was before honey or bee." At special moments in our life we can be given a taste of this union, a taste of divine remembrance. It is so unbelievably sweet and intoxicating. And it awakens the knowing, latent in the soul, of being together with God. This is what ignites the longing, the fire within the heart that begins to burn as a heartache.”

Its how you take pain, in the madness of rage from pain, the problems it brings there is this serene feeling where I get all my answers, the magnitude of my mistakes, and the vision I possess.
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