Saturday, March 17, 2012

Taking Sides

I can’t say it feels good to be writing after such a long time, cause whenever I do decide to write means there has been a major fuck up. For all those patriots out there, I openly proclaim living in the shittiest country with the shittiest bunch of people known to the human race. We live in an illusion of democracy in reality anarchy prevails, the provincial government lifts ban on arms, (ref Political parties calling strikes for extortion when they themselves are the biggest culprits, I feel so safe while leaving the house in the morning. No this is not another blog dissing the government that’s been done with, I’m just scared to even vote now cause I might get beaten up at the polling office by some PPP leader or asked to dance at some road side performance to a song I don’t really understand. On a personal note, I believe when you do something good for someone, make sure they know about it, otherwise you’ll be accused of taking sides. Sometimes its best to leave people in the filth they dwell in, let them be victims of their own incompetence, let them live a life where they don’t care whets being said about them. No one wants to admit their wrong, but there are always going to be people who don’t really understand what they’ve done. Some birthday gifts are always on time, some trips to Lahore always get –permission and some cars are always allowed in your lane, you always celebrate your birthday at Arizona, always take a course (very imp apparently, helps dad get you a job) but your nothing if you don’t want t go to Canada. Life as we know it, is changing in ways most people don’t realize till its too late, I cant help it if I live in a gutter , I’m bound to think in the same way, if a country is only as good as the people living in it, then we are very shitty people. You need to understand that the only thing a Tsunami can do is tear down your very existence. My advice, stay home after dark, don’t take sides (refer to my text), don’t wait for 11 months and think about immigration.
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