Monday, May 14, 2012


It’s weird how in times of absolute distortion one finds clarity, in the midst of scarcity your find abundance of thought, where you feel you need something the most only to realize it will give you temporary relief when in reality the suffering bring you one step closer to the final destination.   
At times you lay helpless in bed, waiting, praying for it to end only to realize you will have to live through the same thing again soon.   I don’t know that many people but to the few, I’m considered to be a bigot, and I truly do not disagree. In moments of weakness I get a little reckless but who has ever heard of a careful bigot? I hate all kinds of people from all walks of life, and trust me the reason isn’t always a good one. For my regular readers (those who don’t exist) I’ve ventured into this line once before not without danger. The best thing to end a shitty day is more tension and stress than you can handle, so I’m not perfect sue m, everyone has an agenda there is always a plan. I’ve hardly ever regretted anything in my life, but today I do. Am I suppose to venture into a new life without mending the bridges that bought me to this point?
Life as I know crumbles on front of my eyes daily, and I’m expected to pick myself up and act as if nothing is happened, I carry the burden for the world on my shoulders, i’m still human

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