Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chief Justice

Every once in a while there happens an incident which baffles everyone, in Pakistan such incidents happen every day and to top it all off, everyone is an expert. I’ll attempt to explain my oblivion in a threefold structure. Firstly there are the people who being a solemn part of this nation, the race for whom foundations of this country were set, their role in the accelerating destruction is neutral. All of those who were part of the great Tsunami, who contributed shit loads on facebook about how they enjoyed Shazad Roy, i mean Imran Khan, are those people who will not wake up on election day to cast their vote, how can they most are worried about stocking up on lawn for the summer, or get a cell phone (or two) which will help them tell me when they’re going to the loo. This stratum of society as i would define as being anon performing loan, are mostly the people we hang out with go to university and discuss how pathetic  Asim Jofa was this time around.

The next kind is even worse, these are people who believe they have a problem, or generally stuck in the past on one factor, their obvious to the fact that they are enjoying life to the fullest, partying and eating the bread from the hands of the one person that should be hanged (urdu mein, haram ka khana) yet it’s never their fault. There are tonnes of people who are suffering literally pain sickness, hunger you name it. But you can’t expect those people to understand who get everything through just a text
And lastly the youth of the country that indulges in highlife of wine wealth and women (many of may remember this) where the only issue at hand is an individual of the opposite sex and impending doom of marriage, i wonder why this takes precedence over everything else, there family, ambitions and a world to enjoy, yet we wonder why we are in such a state.

The truth is very obvious, everyone has an agenda ( i do too), for all those lost souls out there please note that Zardari is going to come back to screw us, politics is now a family business and Pakistan is a seth organization , store petrol instead of booze and most importantly, if you disagree with someone (or pretend to) don’t boast about bonds and dependency.

The 15 mins of your life wasted watching the malik riaz video and other 20 mins posting a commenting on facebook will never come back

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