Monday, October 20, 2014


We often wonder why other people end up in different places along the same span of life. It often gets us to a point where we envy the success of others and in turn rendering ourselves in a perpetual state of  unhappiness. This unhappiness fosters into negative thoughts and energies which makes one often oversee the blessings already present in their lives.

Our scale of measurements is usually incorrect most of the time, we measure success in terms of money, fame and materialistic belongings which in reality have no true meaning in our lives. Firstly, it is important to understand the point at which we started, everyone starts at a different point therefore you will and up in a different place, (cliché alert) it’s the length of the journey that determines quality of life and not the destination. Secondly, as human beings, we are incapable of distinguishing between needs and wants which tends to distort our goals in life.

God always withholds a portion of what we need, a needy soul decides either to rally or to give up. For those who rally he prepares them for something greater, you will get what you deserve in due time. The sooner we set internal standards, stop comparing our lives with others and manage our expectations; life will be a wonderful journey. 
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